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Culture of Empathy Builder:    James R. Doty M.D.



James Doty and Edwin Rutsch: Dialogs on How to Build a Culture of Empathy & Compassion

James Doty is Stanford Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery and founding director of the Center for the Study of Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE)"CCARE is striving to create a community of scholars and researchers, including neuroscientists, psychologists, educators and philosophical and contemplative thinkers around the study of compassion."

He says we have to go beyond mindfulness to a transcendent connection between people. We can get beyond loneliness,  isolation and depression to have a more sustained happiness, by contributing to the wellbeing of others.
Sub Conference: Science



James Doty & Edwin Rutsch: Dialogs on How to Build a Culture of Empathy & Compassion






TEDxGoldenGateED - James Doty 


Video: Innovating Compassion. A Discussion with Irwin Kula, Angela Maiers and James Doty, M.D.



James R. Doty, MD: Getting Our Evolution Right - Video

  • Dalai Lama say's western woman will save humanity

  • Allows men to flourish as well

  • Importance of authenticity



The Place for Compassion in a Modern Age from Wisdom 2.0 Conference on Vimeo.

Talk: "The Place for Compassion in a Modern Age"
Jim Doty, CCARE, speaks at the 2012 Wisdom 2.0 Conference.


  • The west has loneliness, depression

  • Scientists - mindfulness

    • non judgment

    • living in the present

  • James' Story - alcoholic father/ mother invalid

    • no power

    • despair, hopelessness, self destructive

    • Magic Shop

      • learned mindfulness

      • ability to change your mind and brain

      • no longer saw himself as a victim

  • Mindfulness benefits

    • transformation - inward journey

    • has dangers - can be isolating, narcissistic

    • can lead to insight, awareness in the moment  cant' offer what we seek

    • We seek transcendence - connection with the other

  • Compassion

    • It is through compassion that transcendence is possible

    • the recognition of another's suffering and desire to alleviate the suffering

    • suffering is part of the human experience

    • instead of sharing our suffering and being vulnerable

      • create a mask

      • no fears, anxiety

      • accumulation of things

    • Compassion is in the heart

      • stress leads to heart attacks

    • Compassion practice creates calmness and empathy

      • creates social connectedness

      • helps your health

      • giving to charity

    • Looking for a mate

      • highest value sought was compassionate and kind

    • Stressed girls talking to mothers.  raised Oxytocin

    • Lot's of data shows that caring for other raises our wellbeing

    • Our pain and wounds

      • need to focus science on the maters of the heart

    • Darwin - didn't mean survival of the fittest

      • survival of the kindest

    • We feel isolated and alone and are suffering

      • failure of science and technology and our society

      • Science can take us up or down

    • Compassion leads to the highest

      • See our common humanity of all people and  with nature

      • now at tipping point -

      • Love and compassion are no long luxuries but necessity


Conversations on Compassion with Dr. James Doty and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Symposia Contemplative Studies