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Teaching Empathy for Animals
Gather information here about empathy for and with animals.
Community Organizing, Research, Education and Advocacy for Empathy and Compassion for all Animals.
Abuse of children, woman, animals, minorities, etc. are all related and come from a deficit of empathy & compassion.

Teaching Kids Compassion Toward Animals
  Teaching kids to have compassion and empathy for their furry, feathered, and finned friends is vital for preventing cruelty to animals as well as in raising them to respect and treat those who are different from them with kindness. According to the National PTA Congress, "Children trained to extend justice, kindness, and mercy to animals become more just, kind, and considerate in their relations to each other...


2011-02-06 - Teaching Kids to Have Empathy for Animals
   The article also discusses how people come to have empathy, and it turns out it is a combination of our experiences, what we see, and what we are taught, among other things. It is important to teach empathy to our children. There are ways we can go about doing this. Here are several I came up with:


2011-02-19 - Study: ‘Canis empathicus’? A proposal on dogs' capacity to empathize with humans
  Empathy has long attracted the attention of philosophers and psychologists, and more recently, of evolutionary biologists. Interestingly, studies suggest that empathy is a phylogenetically continuous phenomenon, ranging across animals from automatic emotional activation in response to the emotions of others, to perspective-taking that becomes increasingly complex with increasing brain size.


      2011-02-18 - Empathic Dogs 'share their owners' emotions' -
  When the animals are confronted with a human displaying strong feelings, they themselves produce a similar emotional response, the researchers found.... The researchers believe there are three main reasons for dogs empathising with human... their empathy towards man has been fine-tuned over generations.


      2011-02-19 - Dogs Probably Feel Sorry For Us
  Dogs appear to empathize with us, to the point that some therapy dogs even seem to take on the emotions of their sick or distressed human charges, according to a new paper in the latest issue of Biology Letters.


  DOG owners have always known it. But ­academics yesterday made it official: Man’s best friend can understand and share feelings with humans.


 2011-03-09 - Chickens are capable of feeling empathy, scientists believe - 
 Domestic chickens display signs of empathy, the ability to ''feel another's pain'' that is at the heart of compassion, a study has found. The discovery has important implications for the welfare of farm and laboratory animals, say researchers. ...